Transform Your Fitness Journey with Personalized 10X Coaching

Unlock Your Full Potential with Science-Driven Workouts and Personal Health Tracking

Welcome to a new era of fitness – where efficiency meets personalization. The 10X Fitness Program is designed specifically for busy professionals and health enthusiasts who seek a transformative fitness experience. This is not just a workout plan; it's a complete lifestyle overhaul.

Unifying Emerging Health Science with Technology of Tomorrow

  • Personalized 1-on-1 Coaching Tailored to Your Unique Goals

  • Advanced Health Biomarker Tracking for Informed Fitness Decisions

  • Comprehensive Workout Analysis for Maximum Efficiency and Effectiveness

Meticulously Crafted

Ensuring you not only achieve but also maintain optimal physical health, improving your overall quality of life

Course Content and Structure

Our science-backed approach ensures that every minute you invest in your fitness yields maximum returns

Dive into our comprehensive modules, each designed to bring you one step closer to your ultimate fitness goals – from mastering efficient workouts to understanding the science behind them.

Training Plan

14 week self-paced health and fitness transformation program

    1. Welcome & Onboarding

    2. Onboarding Letter

    3. Lifestyle Questionnaire

    4. Waiver & Release

    5. Program Details & Schedule

    6. Program & Personal Health Management


    8. B&A Photos

    9. Optional: Physical Check-up

    10. Body Assessment - Lean Mass

    11. VO2max Test

    12. Food Weighing & Tracking

    13. Body Tracking Sheet

    14. Equipment & Home Gym Setup

    15. Workout Management

    16. Test Form

    1. Alpha Routine - Home Workout

    2. Beta-1 Routine - Home Workout

    3. Beta-2 Routine - Home Workout

    4. Gamma-1 Routine - Home Workout

    5. Gamma-2 Routine - Home Workout

    1. Alpha Routine - Gym Workout

    2. Beta-1 Routine - Gym Workout

    3. Beta-2 Routine - Gym Workout

    1. The 10X Vision

    2. 1 - The 10X Method

    3. 2 - The 5 Exercise Principles

    4. 3 - The 5 Strategies of 10X

    5. The 5-Step 10X Routine Cycle

    6. 10x Deep Dive - Keynote Presentation

    7. Health, Fitness, & Longevity Defined

    8. The 10X Body: What level are you at?

    9. Muscle-hacking Your Health & Impact

    1. Log Alpha Routine

10X Fitness Protocol

  • $399.00
  • 34 lessons
  • 30+ hours of video content
  • AI-Powered Biomarker & Workout Tracking co-Coach
  • 14-week Transformation

Get Real-Time Feedback on Your Overall Health Score

Workout Performance and Power-to-Weight Ratio, Body Composition, Blood Pressure, VO2max, Blood Glucose, Muscle Quality & Balance, Nutrition Balance & Macros - They are all critical indicators affecting ones health resilience and longevity. Our AI Bot calculates and combines these into a summary body score to help you benchmark your fitness efforts